Spanish Level Evaluation

This evaluation is an indicator of your Spanish level. It is a simple resource for you to have an idea of ​​your level and the Academic Coordination will schedule you with the ideal teacher. To make it more complete you must write the composition and schedule your interview with one of our teachers via zoom or Skype. Since our method prioritizes the use of language, it is possible that at the beginning of your course your level will change as the university courses focus more on theory than on practice, while we use the theory only as a resource for good practice.

NOTE: This evaluation does not determine the type of course you will take, for example, a Weekly or Complete Course.


  1. Federico receives the email with the results.
  2. Federico Prints the result and evaluates the level and gives that info to Eva.
  3. Eva puts the results in the student’s folder and gives a copy to Leslye.
  4. Leslye programs the student with the ideal teacher.