How to Learn Spanish

How do you learn Spanish?

We have the answer to this question!

The best way to learn Spanish is in the context of total immersion. But if you can’t come to Guatemala, start here on this site. You will find:

  • Spanish words
  • Spanish verbs
  • Spanish phrases
  • Spanish sentences
  • Spanish vocabulary
  • Spanish grammar
  • Spanish pronunciation

Furthermore, if you want to advance even more, you can try a free Spanish lessons by Skype. CELAS MAYA offers you the opportunity to start learning this language via Skype with a native speaking Spanish tutor.

How this site works…

In this website we include:

  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Listening

If you have specific questions about grammar or any other issue related with Spanish you can send us an email at:



Vocabulario Las personas / Vocabulary

Vocabulario Las personas La familia Abuelo: El abuelo está sentado en el patio. El abuelo es muy amable.Continue reading→

El gerundio / The gerund.

The gerund. The gerund serves us to form progressive times. Progressive times tell us that an action is under development…