Spanish School in Guatemala

Spanish School in Guatemala


Celas Maya is a school specialized in Spanish as a foreign language with the one-on-one teaching style, located in the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, Central America. More well-known as CELAS MAYA, the complete name of the school is Center of Linguistic, Anthropological and Social Studies Maya, and was founded in 1999. Celas Maya is an Accredited Center by the Instituto Cervantes and Exam Center of DELE & SIELE Exams. Furthermore, Celas Maya works with many Universities, companies, and organizations around the world on account of the high quality of the programs.

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CELAS MAYA is located at 6th street and 15 avenue of the Historic Center of Quetzaltenango (in Nahualt language), or Xelajú (in Kiche language), specifically in the old San Antonio corner, on the corner of the legendary Chocoyos bridge.

The school operates in one of the oldest houses in this city, built in the eighteenth century and was the residence of a Creole family, which gives us a look into the past.

Quetzaltenango is famous for its traditions and fairs. Quetzaltecos say that they live in celebration, as throughout the year there are religious celebrations and social events on the weekends such as weddings, baptisms or birthdays, which involve large groups of people getting together to socialize in the city.

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At Celas Maya we offer different accommodation options:
Living with a Guatemalan family
Staying at Guesthouse El Puente
In a hotel or
You may arrange your own accommodation

When living with a family:

  • You will experience first hand the lifestyle of a typical Guatemalan family
  • You will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish skills with the members of the family and you will greatly improve the progress of your language abilities
  • The Guatemalans are very kind and hospitable and will welcome you as one of their family members during your stay
  • Our standards are of the highest quality and we continually monitor the quality of the services provided by the host families, mainly through the weekly feedback of the students
  • The host family offers a private room with desk and lamp to study, as well as a shower with hot water
  • You will be offered 3 meals a day, 7 days a week with purified drinking water at each meal
  • Based on your needs and preferences, we will match you with a family that is most compatible with your needs
  • The location of the families: Most host families live around the school, however some are about 10-15 minutes on foot but the distances are compensated by the quality and friendliness of the families
  • We have a database of diverse families, of differening economic conditions, location, food, size of family, as well as other characteristics
  • It is important to be aware that the living conditions of Guatemalans are different, it is another culture, with different economic conditions, so we ask you to take this very much into account.

Hostal El Puente

The Hostel El Puente, is part of the school and has all necessary amenities: private rooms with private bathrooms, a shared kitchen, TVs available, WiFi, and good coffee. There are also bikes for rent.

The closest hotels to us are: Hotel Modelo, Casa Doña Mercedes and Villas de Don Andrés.

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An effective and professional service requires an experienced and diverse team working towards the same objective; That is why we have brought together an excellent professional team, offering our students effective solutions for their need to speak Spanish and the desire to know Guatemala.

Our staff is integrated as follows:

  • Academic Coordination
  • International Student Coordination
  • Activities Coordination
  • DELE, SIELE, AP & IB Exam Coordination
  • Administrative Coordination
  • Financial Coordination
  • Marketing Coordination

Out of all of these areas, the Academic Coordination is the one that is directly related to the quality of our services. It is in charge of developing the course programs, the evaluation system, and the management of the credits for the universities, this is not improvised but rather systematized work that allows us to establish solid and reliable parameters for the delivery of a grade to the student that will allow the university to grant the respective credits.

The coordination of activities is also fundamental as it allows the students' academic knowledge to be integrated with the cultural, academic, and social activities carried out in an extracurricular way. This allows the student to have a more complete picture of the social, economic, historical and political conditions of Latin America.

The coordination of exams is a fundamental task, since it organizes and systematizes all the resources so that the students can be evaluated and receive DELE, SIELE and CELAS MAYA certificates and preparation courses for AP and IB that have different objectives but that in the end Certify the student's level.

It is true that all this has a cost, but we are determined to offer a quality service rather than risk the student's progress in their intentions to learn the Spanish language. Not only can one stagnate in their level, but they can also encounter frustrations and even be blocked by an inadequate methodology, so not only will  they lose time and money but also, lose motivation.

Additionally, we offer other complementary services such as coffee, tea, a water purifier providing unlimited purified water, and also WiFi in all our facilities.

Something less relevant but that in the end also impacts the student's experience are our facilities, with abundant natural light, outdoor classes, a beautiful garden in an eighteenth century house. Although not fundamental, something that can interrupt the scheduling of activities is the loss of electric power, which is prevalent in this country, for this reason, we have a generator to prevent any eventuality. Finally, the school is equipped with a cistern to store water in case the supply is cut off to ensure there is sufficient water.

CELAS MAYA is located just three blocks from the central park of the city, surrounded by banks, cafes, restaurants, etc. In a historical place one block from the legendary Chocoyos Bridge and the Park to Paco Pérez, author of the song Luna de Xelajú, considered as the anthem of this city.

We have made great investements in order to offer excellent service and the resources and amenities also play an important role in this mission.

Your fluency is important to us!

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Celas Maya has developed its own communicative methodology called U75-25 focused on the student, where the student's participation and their autonomous development in the Spanish language is prioritized.

We have a Curriculum Plan for each of the programs we offer, both Weekly and Complete Courses as well as Specialized Courses. 

We offer one-on-one classes in a total immersion environment, so our classes are entirely in Spanish, which accelerates the learning process.

Guarantee your spot at Celas Maya and enjoy this wonderful experience!

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Each of the specialized courses, Complete Courses or Weekly Courses has included the price, as a reference $ 290 USD is the maximum cost per week including accommodation with a Guatemalan family. To have the exact information you can enter Specialized Courses or Open Courses tabs for more details.


Payments can be made in cash or you can also pay by credit card with surcharge.


The Registration Fee is $33 USD.


Ask us about our discounts.

Size of the school

Celas Maya can hold up to 100 students, but we prefer to have a small group of students in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.