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spanish school in xelaI came to Celas Maya at the recommendation of a trusted friend and with very basic Spanish skills. Over the course of two months I transformed into an advanced student capable of talking politics, culture, reading about the economy, religion, and writing papers on business development and traveling. I had the pleasure of working with 4 different teachers, who were all very professional and knowledgeable. The activities varied from listening to songs, reading the local newspaper, practicing activities in formal instruction books, as well as conversation, field trips, and games. I have received several compliments on my Spanish skills since leaving Celas Maya and I look forward to continuing to grow my language skills. Celas Maya is the perfect school for a student who is truly interested in learning or improving their Spanish, while experiencing a new culture and meeting great people!

Charlotte, USA, 2016

spanish schoolI got to know Celas Maya through a friend of mine who studied there. On arrival I felt very welcome, the atmosphere is great and everybody is helpful in making you feel at home. The course was intense, just how I wanted it to be. Combined with the activities, the other students and all the things that Quetzaltenango has to offer, Celas Maya is a great place to work on your Spanish.

Dirk, Holland, 2016

spanish school in quetzaltenangoIf you serious about learning Spanish, Guatemala culture and history, and like to have different and extraordinary vacations, then we would recommend Celas Maya Spanish School. We were staying with two different families, and each of us were treated and cared for like we were part of their own families. Teachers are very professional and caring people that treated us as friends.

All of the experience was well worth the time and money that we could not find anywhere else.

Djuro and Carole, Canada, 2016

school in xelaMy experience at Celas Maya was completely positive. Most importantly, the quality of the teachers is consistently high. They explain grammar clearly and help students speak with more confidence. The school is very organized while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere great for the one on one teaching. The school offers a wide variety of activities outside of class. This is a great way to meet other students, get to know a variety of teachers and practice your Spanish.  I have to say that Celas Maya exceeded my expectations.

Craig, USA; 2016

spanish in xelaI studied Spanish online with Celas Maya for about two years and thought the classes were excellent both in terms of value and quality of tuition. Obviously during those two years I learnt a lot about Guatemala and other Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America too. So, curiosity sufficiently aroused, I decided to go to Guatemala  and spent more than two months studying at Celas Maya earlier this year. It’s a fantastic place to study Spanish – the teaching is excellent, the building lovely with a beautiful enclosed garden and everyone is very friendly. The school also offers a marvelous range of additional activities for the students such as visits to local towns, hikes up volcanoes, lectures about history and culture and much more. Xela is a very interesting town too with plenty of stuff to see and do. I’m certainly glad I made a visit and would love to go back at some future point. Highly recommended.

Dave. UK, 2016

spanish school guatemalaThe language teachers at Celas Maya are highly professional and excellent. Always looking forward to continue my Spanish studies at Celas Maya.

William, USA, 2016

spanish school in guateCelas Maya is the best Spanish language immersion school in Xela. It is centrally located and the school itself is well appointed with gardens, cafe, reading rooms, movie screening room, etc.
I was very fortunate to study with Claudia and Monica. My teachers were professional and the lessons were clear and understandable. Along with the passionate teaching staff, the administrative staff was excellent. They were always willing to help with school and non-school queries with a sincere smile and I have to thank Eva for always being there for the students.
Part of what makes Celas Maya the best choice was the cultural activities they planned. Every day, students had an opportunity to involve themselves in local activities that ranged from hiking a local volcano to taking a traditional cooking class. Luis, the cultural activities coordinator was knowledgeable and passionate.
I personally signed up to stay with a local homestay for the complete immersion experience. Dona Sandra's home was clean and I had the best view in Xela. It was an absolute pleasure to interact with her family and the food was exceptional.
My time was limited and I learnt a lot in the few short weeks. The whole experience with Celas Maya was extremely positive.

Wanchuk, USA, 2016

spanish in guatemalaIf you want to learn Spanish quickly, Celas Maya is the best school in Xela. The lessons are intensive with a whole morning or afternoon of one on one contact with a high-level teacher. The teachers speak straight Spanish with the students from the beginning so you pick-up the language quickly.

The school is a great place to enjoy Spanish classes and to study. Classes are in a beautiful garden and around the garden are many study areas. There is also a cafe for coffee etc. Carlos was my teacher and had also become a friend after 2 weeks. My experience at Celas Maya was very enjoyable and I would recommend learning Spanish there to anyone.

Paula, Holland, 2016

learn spanish in xelaDuring my stay at Celas Maya I met new friends from around the world, received a personal and professional education, and felt like a real Guatemalteco. Xela and Celas Maya are definitely hidden gems on the Gringo Trail.

Alex, Denmark, 2016


learn spanish xelaI had a wonderful experience at Celas Maya Spanish School. Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming. The teachers were amazing and willing to help you no matter what level of Spanish you were at. I found my teacher very patience and she provided me the confidence to speak in Spanish. The school activities gave me the chance to explore Guatemala and learn about the Guatemalan history and culture. The school administration went above and beyond their call of duty, willing to help in any way possible. I would return to take classes at Celas Maya in a heartbeat and would recommend it to anyone. 

Sarah, New Zealand, 2016

learn spanish in guatemala

learn spanish in guatemala

study spanish in guatemalaGuatemala

Each May, a couple of Duke EWH students travel to Xela, Guatemala to repair medical equipment in the regional hospital. They work closely with Joe Leier, an in-country biomedical engineer, and the local hospital maintenance team. They stay in home stays with local families, study spanish at Celas Maya Spanish school, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Since the first trip in 2013, Duke EWH has formed a lasting relationship with Celas Maya, the regional hospital, and the Guatemalan engineers and maintenance team. The EWH students share their engineering knowledge and skills with the in-country technicians while gaining valuable knowledge and experience in return. The students learn about various medical equipment and gain first-hand experience while providing much needed repairs and solutions for broken or missing technology. 2016


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