Study Spanish Abroad

Study Spanish Abroad

A wonderful opportunity for your students!

For 10 years we have been serving universities by providing full semester abroad programs in Quetzaltenango, with a program adapted to their academic expectations; offering high level courses, combined with volunteer work, internships and trips throughout the country.

Study Spanish Abroad


  • One-to-one Spanish course adapted to your university's program
  • Courses in Social Sciences, Business and Medical courses in English and Spanish
  • Virtual courses can be taught via telepresence by your own professors for additional courses that are required
  • Spanish courses can be focused on culture, history and social relations and organization of Guatemala and Latin America
  • Opportunities for internships in small companies and organizations of Guatemala
  • Research consultancy
  • Translation and interpretation Services: Spanish-English, English-Spanish, Mayan Dialect-English, ​​and English-Mayan Dialect
  • Well-seasoned Spanish Instructors
  • Directed to University groups

¡Uno a uno: más humano, más efectivo!

How does it benefit your students?

  • The students practice their Spanish and vocabulary with native people
  • They develop language skills focused on specific area
  • They develops communicative skills to interact with societies in Guatemala and Latin America
  • Take advantage of the opportunities offered by a continent with a population of about 625 million Spanish speaking people in 18 countries in Latin America
  • The students open many doors for business and jobs in Latin America
Study Spanish

Accredited Center for the Instituto Cervantes

Study  Abroad

What is included?

  • Students get 15 weeks of Spanish classes on to one
  • Accommodation with a Guatemalan family
  • 3 meals a day and a varied program of activities
  • Visit to a small company, ONG or communities in Quetzaltenango
  • Trips to differents parts of the country
  • At the end you will have a high level of Spanish with an understanding of vocabulary, Guatemalan, cultural, and commercial codes
  • Study 15 hours one-on-one and 10 hours of group work per week
  • Learn quickly with our U75-25 communicative method

Speak to an entire continent!

How does it work?

  • We begin in January for the winter semester and September for the fall semester
  • The Spanish courses take place during the morning and complementary university courses are in the afternoon
  • The cost is determined by the number of students and the length of stay, although it will approximate the cost of the full courses of $ 290 USD per person, per week; all inclusive
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