DELE Preparation Courses

DELE Preparation Courses

A DELE preparation course at CELAS MAYA increases the chances of passing the exam, as we accurately detect the candidate's shortcomings and needs and make a plan to reinforce their competencies.

  • A course well-structured according to your level
  • Required vocabulary
  • Extended themes in topics relevant to the Exam
  • Teachers experienced in teaching Spanish and administering DELE exams, all with a specialized course and DELE examiner's code
  • Aimed at people who want to obtain a DELE Certification

¡Uno a uno: más humano, más efectivo!


  • Develop language skills focused on the DELE exam
  • Develop required competencies for the exam
  • Take advantage of our experience and resources
  • Be a candidate with the highest probability of success
DELE Preparation

Accredited Center for the Instituto Cervantes

DELE Courses


  • 4 weeks of DELE Preparation classes
  • 20 hours of one-on-one instruction per week
  • A varied program of activities
  • Accommodation with a Guatemalan family
  • Learn quickly with our U75-25 communicative method

Speak to an entire continent!


  • We start every new class session every Monday but you can ask to start on another day at no extra cost
  • You can choose the morning or afternoon schedule from 8am-12pm/9am-1pm or from 2pm-6pm
  • Register now and guarantee your spot at Celas Maya
  • Course duration is 4 weeks
DELE Preparation Courses guatemala

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