Spanish Courses and Volunteering

The Spanish course and volunteering develops the learner's language skills and also communicative skills as it allows them to expose themselves to interaction in the professional and social sphere.

Spanish Courses and Volunteering
  • One-on-one Spanish classes; 25 hours per week
  • Vocabulary for social work, health, agriculture, etc. depending on the volunteer project
  • Focus on sociology, anthropology, history, and education
  • Opportunity to volunteer with Guatemalan organizations
  • Teachers experienced in the teaching of Spanish, sociology, anthropology, education, and health
  • Aimed at retirees, professionals, and students with a desire to serve others

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How does it benefit you?

  • Practice your Spanish and vocabulary and real scenarios
  • Develops language skills focused on the social area
  • Develops socio-pragmatic skills to understand social relations in Guatemala and Latin America
  • Take advantage of the opportunities to be understood by an entire continent
  • Be an important candidate for organizations that have links with Latin America
  • At the end of the course you will have a B1 Spanish level, with an understanding of vocabulary, cultural and social codes
Spanish  and Volunteering

Accredited Center for the Instituto Cervantes

Volunteering in guatemala

What is included?

  • 4 weeks of Spanish classes
  • Complimentary consultation for the selection of your volunteer project
  • Work with a volunteer organization in Quetzaltenango
  • Accommodation with a Guatemalan family
  • 3 daily meals and a varied program of activities
  • 25 hours of one-on-one classes
  • Learn quickly with our U75-25 communicative method

Speak to an entire continent!

How does it work?

  • We start every new class session every Monday but you can ask to start on another day at no extra cost
  • You can choose the morning or afternoon schedule from 8am-1pm or from 2pm-7pm
  • Register now and guarantee your spot at Celas Maya
Volunteering and spanish

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