Learn Spanish for Travelling

Because traveling is living, but it is better if you can communicate with all of Latin America

Learn spanish for travelling
  • One-to-one Spanish course for travelers 25 hours per week
  • Travel vocabulary, with Latin American expressions from different countries
  • Focus on the interests of each student to have interaction with Latin American people
  • Opportunity to know the real life of Guatemala with organized trips to non-tourist towns
  • Well-seasoned Spanish instructors
  • Aimed at travelers with the purpose of learning and enjoying the life and language of Latin America

¡Uno a uno: más humano, más efectivo!


  • Practice your Spanish and your vocabulary in real, daily life scenarios
  • Develops communicative skills for different fields, and to understand the cultures of Latin America
  • Seize the opportunity to interact with a population of about 625 million people of Spanish speaking, in 18 countries of Latin America
  • If you want to travel or learn in this continent, start your trip with us!
  • Dance Salsa
  • Sing in Spanish
Spanish for Travelling guatemala

Accredited Center for the Instituto Cervantes

Learn Spanish


  • 4 weeks of Spanish classes
  • Visit the villages near Xela
  • Stay with a Guatemalan family
  • 3 daily meals and a varied program of activities
  • In the end you will have a Spanish level high enough to communicate with Latin American people, with understanding of vocabulary and cultural codes
  • Learn quickly with our U75-25 communicative method

Speak to an entire continent!


  • We start every new class session every Monday but you can ask to start on another day at no extra cost
  • You can choose the morning or afternoon schedule from 8am-1pm or from 2pm-7pm
  • Register now and guarantee your spot at Celas Maya
  • Course duration is 4 weeks
Learn Spanish Travelling

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